• Residential Services

    Solar Energy Solutions for your Family and Home

    Thanks to PV or photovoltaic technology, the sun’s energy can be converted to all the electricity you need to power your entire household. Turn Key Solar Fresno designs and installs residential solar energy solutions that store energy so you can use it as needed, especially after the sun has set.

    In-House Design and Development

    Our residential solar energy solutions can be designed to address your needs and specifications whether you want 1% of your total energy usage to be solar based or 100%. No matter how big or how small the project, we are dedicated to getting every installation right the first time. That is exactly why Turn Key Solar only hires and trains the best individuals to work for us. We take care of your entire project including design, financing, installations, and all required permits. That means you only have one phone number and one project team to call whenever you have any questions prior to, during, and after the installation of your system.

    Empower Your Living Environment

    Our customizable solar energy solutions can be tailored to address your home’s specific needs and the demands of those who live in it. You’ll be able to conduct your daily activities in an environment that is cleaner, eco-friendlier, and much safer while at the same time lowering your monthly electricity bills. By embracing the power of the sun, you’ll the following benefits:
    • eliminates the worry of future electricity rate increases
    • fixes electricity costs over the next four decades
    • generates clean, pollutant-free electricity (go “green”)
    • reduces or eliminates your monthly electric bills
    • reduces your solar energy investment with federal and state tax credits
    • requires NO lifestyle changes
    When the time comes to invest in a solar energy solution for your home, you can rely on our experience and expertise when it comes to the design, development, and installation of your system. Not only will you enjoy the above benefits, you’ll be reducing your carbon footprint in the process. For more information regarding our residential solar energy solutions, contact Turn Key Solar today and speak with a knowledgeable representative.
  • Commercial services

    Commercial Solar Energy Solutions

    As a leader in commercial solar energy solutions, Turn Key Solar Fresno enables most businesses and organizations to access cost-effective, fixed energy rates that require little if any investment up front. By allowing us to handle your solar energy solutions, you’ll be investing in a unified, well integrated project that has been constructed from a single, managed framework so you can stay focused on what is most important, namely your company’s daily operations. As a solar energy professional, we know that we cannot develop solutions without proper planning. Our years of combined experience and expertise in this industry is our most valuable asset and has resulted from working with a broad range of budgets, manufacturers, and many project site conditions. The energy goals of each client are very unique and require a customized approach that is based on the funding level of each system we design. Furthermore, it is our wealth of experience and expertise that enables us to streamline the planning of each project so it can be seamlessly integrated with your project.

    Solar Project Engineering and Planning

    As our name implies, Turn Key Solar offers turnkey commercial system solutions for a wide range of businesses. Investing in one of our solar energy solutions will reduce your energy consumption and the utility costs associated with it. Over the next two decades, this will save you a considerable amount of money which in turn will have a very positive impact on your bottom line. Plus we can assist you in selecting a customizable solar energy solution that can be tailored to your specific needs and maximize your investment. Our solutions typically outperform their estimated energy output and have helped us build a reputation based on providing our clients with a superior level of service and the highest quality of workmanship possible. Plus, we have a consistent track record of being on time and staying within your budget parameters. Our comprehensive planning and development includes:
    • complex design work
    • detailed project scheduling
    • experienced project managers
    • quality construction
    In addition to the above, we guarantee your satisfaction and are committed to excellence and exceeding your expectations. Our years of experience coupled with our flexibility enable us to handle every facet of your project from idea to implementation. Thanks to our in-house design and engineering specialists, we are able to develop commercial solar energy solutions that:
    • achieve sustainability
    • demonstrate corporate responsibility
    • lower your energy costs
    For addition information regarding commercial solar energy solutions, contact Turn Key Solar today and speak with a representative.
  • Agriculture sevices

    Solar Energy for Agriculture and Farming

    U.S. agribusiness owners and farmers are adapting to solar energy for electrical power and using the power of the sun to produce heat, hot water, and light on their properties. At Turn Key Solar we have helped businesses and families in the agricultural sector harness the sun’s energy for drying crops, heating structures, operating water pumps, and many other uses. Not only is solar energy more cost-effective, it has helped improve the operational efficiency of numerous agricultural concerns throughout the US.

    How We help Agricultural Businesses

    Over the years, we have built strong business relationships with our agricultural clients and have helped them gain sustainable value over the long term. We are committed to helping agricultural businesses by:
    • increasing the per acre savings of agricultural businesses
    • offsetting the cost of cold storage cooling
    • significantly reducing the cost of operations
    • taking control of ever-increasing utility costs
    To illustrate the power of the sun, the energy captured over 3 weeks of sunshine is equal to our planet’s entire reserves of coal, natural gas, and oil. Although the desert areas of Arizona and Nevada, as well as parts of Colorado, New Mexico, and Utah, get more sunshine than other geographical areas of the US, solar energy can be practical in all 50 states.

    Put the Sun to Work for You

    As an agricultural business owner or farmer, Turn Key Solar Fresno can show you how you can use the sun’s energy to increase self-reliance, reduce your carbon footprint (pollution), and save your business money. There are several ways that you can harness the power of sunshine and make it work for you. Here are 4 examples:
    • Heating and lighting – with a simple re-design and renovation, you can replace existing electrical lighting in barns and farm buildings by using natural daylight. Furthermore, you can use solar energy to keep your home and farm buildings comfortable and warm.
    • Remote electricity sources – using the sun to generate electricity in remote locations on your property is far cheaper than bringing in electric lines. Solar energy is also more cost-effective than using generators powered by diesel fuels and gasoline.
    For more information, contact Turn Key Solar today and discuss your agricultural solar energy needs with one of our specialists.
  • House of worship

    Solar Energy for Churches, Temples, and other Houses of Worship

    When the oldest houses of worship were being built centuries ago, there were no concerns about monthly utility bills. My how things have changed! Today, we’re seeing ever-increasing energy costs coupled with the constantly growing demand for more energy. For many of our churches, temples, and houses of worship, have been driven to “go green” and find more cost-effective power alternatives. Turn Key Solar Fresno  has shown many of these entities how to use solar energy to their benefit. Although solar energy is the smarter, sustainable way to save money for these non-profit entities, don’t forget how this benefits our environment by leaving a smaller carbon footprint. As a result, many houses of worship from all faiths can provide additional needed assistance to their communities. While it is oftentimes difficult for houses of worship and other non-profit entities to convert to solar energy for power, we offer financing and will always try to work within your monthly operating budget.

    What to Consider

    While solar energy is no doubt very effective at lowering monthly power or utility bills, there are certain details you want to consider before making your final decision including:
    • Determine solar panel placement – solar panels can be mounted or placed in different areas of the property such as on the ground or the roof. Just keep in mind that the higher up you place them, it decreases theft and vandalism risk.
    • Proper enclosure – the easiest way to protect your investment (i.e. your solar array) is to make sure that is properly enclosed with lock and key with visible warning signs posted.
    • Responsibility – in the event of a power outage or surge, have a responsible party available to do any necessary repairs and replace any solar panels. Check with your insurer as many still do not cover these issues.
    • Tax issues – while the primary purpose of converting to solar energy is to save money, you can also earn money by selling any excess power to your utility company. However, the IRS will want to know about the proceeds each year.
    One of our specialists will be happy to discuss your needs with you and even help you in the decision-making process by offering their recommendations. For more information regarding your solar energy options or to schedule an appointment with one of our specialists, contact Turn Key Solar and let us show you how cost-effective solar energy can be in the long run.

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